If you are like us, you feel strongly about your beliefs and you want to show it.  There are endless options out there if you are looking for Christian clothing, but even with all of those options, we had a hard time finding clothing that we felt expressed our faith the way we wanted to express it. So we decided to fix that. We started designing our own T-shirts. 

Wearing your faith on a shirt doesn't mean your message has to be "in your face". We are not just a company that makes Christian shirts, we are a company of Christians making T-shirts.  Sometimes that  means we are designing straight from scripture, other times we are just designing.  Even if you don't believe the same thing we do, we think you'll still find something that fits your unique lifestyle.  

We are committed to living differently. We give back 10% of all of our profits to local charities, ministries, and mission efforts.

FAITH BASED, THOUGHT PROVOKING, NON-CONVENTIONAL. Our mission is to be those three things.  Thanks for checking us out. 


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